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2016 Ford F-450 4x4 6.7 Liter Diesel Ambulance Prep Chassis 165" W.B w/Polished Aluminium Rims    
Liquid Spring Suspension                 
New ADP Running Boards w/ Raised Punch Holes            
New Mud flaps                  
New Cast Products SAD/SAP 3806 Through Front Bumper Siren Speakers        
New Buell Air Horns Mounted Below Front Bumper (Includes Compressor, Tank, Horn Mounting Brackets & (2) Switches
(2) TecNiq 500 Series Super Red LED w/Clear Lens for Grille Lights K50-RC00-1 w/Chrome Flange     
(2) TecNiq 500 Series Super White LED w/Clear Lens for Grille Lights K50-WC00-1 w/Chrome Flange    
(2) TecNiq 700 Series Red LED w/Clear Lens for Intersection Lights K70-RC00-1 w/ CPI Angled Bezel    
New back-up alarm w/cancel switch              
Front Bumper Brush Guard Chrome Go Industries #77644 Chrome           
35% Window Tint on Chassis Cab Windows              
Module Body Exterior                
Wheeled Coach Type I Module 149"L x 94" W x 66" Headroom w/CPR Seat        
Base Remount a Modular Body to a Type I Configuration.             
Modification to Chassis Rear Sliding Glass Window to Accommodate a Pass Thru. (Includes mounting pucks,   
mounting hardware, accordion boot, & (10) .25" steel outriggers)          
Paint Entire Module White (Sand blast module, repair corrosion,           
repaint w/ PPG 8 step process of epoxy primer, base coat, three coats of clear coat, wet sand & buff to high gloss finish) 
Remove Front Lightbar, Cut in (7) TecNiq 900 Series LED Warning Lights on Front Wall R/W/R/W\R\W\R    
Remove Rear Lightbar, Cut (5) TecNiq 900 Series LED Warning Lights & (2) 900 Series LED Rear Load Lights    
New ADP Stoneguards,Corner Guards, Rear Kickplate, & Stainless Thresholds on Bottoms of Compartments    
New "C" Channel Rubrails                
New Black Rubber Rub-A-Fender Fenderettes              
New Heavy Duty Rear Bumper Steel Sub-Frame w/Aluminum Diamond Plate Bumper Pods and Punched Surfaced Flip-up Step
Modify S/S Module Wall for DEF Fill              
New Cast DEF Fill w/ Stainless Steel Spillway              
New Cast Fuel Fill Bezel w/ Stainless Steel Spillway            
New Cast Products License Plate Bezel w/ LED Top Lights             
New Cast Products Door Grabbers (2) Sets per Rear Door            
All Compartments to be Checked for Proper Draining & Venting          
Remove & Polish all Stainless Door Hinges. Reinstall w/ 3M Corrosion Barrier Between Hinge/Door & Hinge/Body  
New Exterior Chrome Trimark Paddle Handles, (2) Interior Locking, (1) Interior Non-Locking (5) Exterior Right Locking   
(3) Exterior Left Locking & (1) Right Non-Locking            
New Rotary Latches (20)                
New Door Striker Pins (20)                
Install New Drip Rails                  
Clean & Reuse Module Windows                
New Door Seal                  
New Shelf on S/S Rear Compartment              
Buff and Reuse Compartment Door Liners              
Install New ACC High Output HVAC System               
(Includes Underbody A/C Condensor, New Lines, Electric Shut Off Valves & Digital Thermostat)      
New Medwerks Electrical System including Circuit Boards, Battery Timer, Load Manager, Hour Meter, Intermotive Idle Control 
Amp and Voltage Meter, Front and Rear Switch Panels            
New .125 Alum. Line-X Console                
New 20 Amp Kussmual Auto Eject Shoreline              
Inspect and Replace as Necessary Door Switches            
New Whelen 295HFSA7 Remote Dual Siren              
Inverter Prewire                  
(1) Hidden Weather Proof Switch to be Mounted in Grille for Cab Doors Unlock Only      
(12) New Optronics UCL50CB 2" Micro Flex LED Utility Lights for Exterior Compartments w/(12) A54GB Grommets & (12) A46PB Plugs 
Department 2 Way Radio's                
Pwr/Grnd/Memory/Coax (3)   Front Console, Primary Action Area and Behind Driver Seat      
D.O.T / Emergency Warning Lights              
(4) New TecNiq 900 Series Red LED w/ Clear Lens K90-RC00-1 & (3) White LED w/ Clear Lens K90-CC00-1 & Chrome Flange (Front Wall)
(4) New TecNiq 900 Series Red LED w/ Clear Lens K90-RC00-1 & Chrome Flange  (Module Sides)    
(4) New TecNiq 900 Series Red LED w/ Clear Lens K90-RC00-1 & Chrome Flange (Rear Wall Upper)    
(1) New TecNiq 900 Series Amber LED w/ Clear Lens K90-AC00-1 & Chrome Flange (Center Rear Wall)    
(2) New TecNiq 900 Series Red/Amber Split LED w/ Clear Lens K90-RA00-1 & Chrome Flange (Rear Mid-Heights)  
(2) NewTecNiq 700 Series Red LED K70-RC00-1 w/ Clear Lens & Chrome Flange over Rear Wheel Wells     
(6) TecNiq 900 Series LED Scene/Load Lights K90-SW00-1            
Add (2) TecNiq 600 series LED STT Lights w/ flange to Rear Wall           
Add (2) TecNiq 600 series LED Turns w/flange to Rear Wall            
Add (2) TecNiq 600 series LED Back-up light w/flange to Rear Wall          
(1) TecNiq T41-WC0P-1 4" with T40-0G00-1 Grommet and T40-0S00-1 SS Trim Ring Side Entry Step Light    
New TecNiq I.C.C LED Clearance Lights (3) Red S34-RROO-1 and (3) Amber S34-AAOO-1 W/Rubber Gaskets    
(4) Whelen Vertex Lights added to (4) Existing Corner I.C.C Lights (Steady Burn for ICC, Flash override Emergency)  
(4) New Wheeled Coach Corner ICC Lenses (2) Amber (2) Red          
(6) Whelen MICRON LED MCRNSCD Rub Rail Lights (3) Each Side Red/White        
Module Interior                  
Inspect all Cabinet Walls, Cabinet Hardware for Missing Screws and Rivets, Adjust and Replace as Necessary    
New Lonplate Flooring 424 Gunmetal              
New Stainless Thresholds on Rear & Side Entry w/ Grip Tape          
New EVS 3 Point Seat Belt Attendant Seat w/ Child Safety Seat  Gunmetal        
New Vacuum Formed Upholstery in the Entire Interior of Module. Includes all vinyl trim, seat cushions, back rest etc. Gunmetal
Replace Interior Hi/Lo Halogen Domes to New TecNiq 31 LED Hi/Lo Domes (7)        
New TecNiq White LED Floor Accent Strip Lighting (2)            
New TecNiq White LED Primary Action Area Light (1) E35-WB00-1  (Stock)        
New Entry Door Brushed Aluminum w/2 Color Chevron Door Liners          
New Intellitec Time Manager Clock, Installed in rear head pad above rear entry doors      
Medical Equipment                  
Test Oxygen System and repair any found leaks              
New SSCOR Suction System Includes 22000 SSCOR Control & 23002 SSCOR Plastic Canister Holder (Test for Vacuum Leaks)
1/2" White Reflective on tops, bottoms and outside perimeter of Entry Doors        
Predelivery Testing and Prep                
30 mile Road Test                  
Grade A Clean & Detail Entire Unit                
Test & Recertify all Systems. Weigh & Apply KKK Weights/Paint Stickers.        
Install No Smoking & Fasten Seat Belt Signage              
Fill with Fuel & DEF                  

Ford GPC Discount is available for Customers with a Ford Fleet Identification Number (FIN)

Cot Mount Not Included in quoted price.  Will provide and install Cot Mount of Customers choice at additional cost.

Lifetime Warranty on all TecNiq LED Lights, Our Remount Warranties are second to none and support the products we protary and sell.  "There are no substitutes for quality"

Please call for additional information on this ready for immediate delivery ambulance.

 Ad Information
Category: Type I — $30000/Up
Ad Number: 5277
Date Posted: 10/28/2016
Price: $133,100
Year: 2016
Model: F450 4x4
Miles: 3,400
Module: Remounted
Engine Type: Turbo-Diesel
Location: Indiana
Cab Access: Window only
Box Length: 149
Transmission: Automatic
Color: White
Drive System: 4 Wheel Drive
 Vehicle Options
  • Power Steering
  • Power Brakes
  • Air Bags
  • Antilock Brakes
  • Child Restraint
  • Power Load
  • Cruise Control
  • Power Windows
  • CPR Side Seat
  • Air Horns
  • Battery Charger
  • Air Conditioning
  • Inverter
  • Air Ride

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    Name: Dean Martin
    Street Address:
    City: Middlebury
    State/Province: Indiana
    Zip/Postal Code: 46540
    Country: USA
    Telephone Number: 574-389-8062
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